App Curation and Discovery: Google Introduces Topical Collections of Great Apps with "Apps Focus" in the Play Store | Content Curation World |

Robin Good: Finding good apps is not easy. iOS or Android hve the same problem on this front. Too many apps and too much effort needed to find out which are the really good ones.

To solve this issue Google has just started collectting and organizing some of the best fashion apps available in its store and it has created a page dedicated just to them called "Apps Focus". This is probably the start of an ongoing effort to curate, pick and organize the very best apps available inside the Google Play Store.

"Google just added another featured area that should provide just a little more discoverability for apps with slightly narrower audiences, in the form of the "Apps Focus" section.

The first App Focus? Fashion and Style - bringing together a collection of some of the best apps for the chic-minded."

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