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What a Content Curator Needs To Know: How, Tools, Issues and Strategy
Curated by Robin Good
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Scooped by Robin Good!

Backup, Archive and Search All of Your Twitter, Facebook and Gmail Data with Norton Labs Ditto

Backup, Archive and Search All of Your Twitter, Facebook and Gmail Data with Norton Labs Ditto | Content Curation World |
Robin Good's insight:

Ditto is a FREE, automated weekly backup of Twitter, Facebook and Gmail with integrated search capabilities.

To curate, means also ability to archive, preserve and safely store the data/information/content available in your newsradar/collection/lineup. As a matter of fact, if you decided to follow-up on an academic pursuit of your data-curation interests, you would be immediately confronted with the learning of the best methodologies, tools and workflows utilized to preserve and archive digital data.

In addition, given the times we are in, and who controls our data, you can never know what happens next, and whether you are always going to be able to access both your account and the data that's in it.

For these reasons I think it is relevant for anyone involved in professionally managing content / data, such as a content curator does, to have the ability to easily and automatically backup all of his Twitter / Facebook data as well as his own Gmail.

With Ditto, you can export all of your backed up data from Facebook, Twitter or Gmail, into a handy PDF file.

Free to use. (max 3GB of archive space can be used - if you leave out your Gmail, that's plenty of space.)

Find out more:

Try it out now:

Dr. Michael Simmons's curator insight, May 20, 2013 3:30 PM

Daunting, but probably the direction in which we need to go.

Scooped by Robin Good!

A Curated Web Magazine Showcasing FB Best Stories: Facebook Stories

A Curated Web Magazine Showcasing FB Best Stories: Facebook Stories | Content Curation World |

Robin Good: A few days ago Facebook has launched a new "curated" web magazine, called Facebook Stories, dedicated to showcase "people using Facebook in extraordinary ways".

Anyone can submit their story for review, and the most interesting ones are showcased on this page under a monthly theme.

Facebook Stories, does not have anythng to do with an earlier project, terminated in 2011, which carried a similar name. On th other hand it is very similar to the Twitter Stories and Tumblr Storyboard curated initiatives.

From IBTimes: "In addition to video content, the Facebook Stories introduces several other features such as archival stories from the New Yorker magazine (content normally only accessible through a paywall), a Goodreads curated book list known as "The Bookshelf" and a Spotify-fueled and artist-curated tracklist known as "The Playlist."

The company will also produce a podcast and infographic corresponding to the theme."

Check it out:

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Scooped by Robin Good!

Create Topic Specific News Channels By Picking Your Favorite Twitter and FB Sources: NewsMix

Create Topic Specific News Channels By Picking Your Favorite Twitter and FB Sources: NewsMix | Content Curation World |

Robin Good: Similar to, allows anyone to easily create one or more news channels which automatically aggregate news and posts by your selected sources on Twitter (including "lists"), and Facebook.

You simply add the Twitter and FB accounts that you want to aggregate in a channel and your news channel is immediately created.

The look and feel of the final output is made up of a series of vertical blocks that showcase the tweet or FB content of each post and its related image.

P.S.: Unfortunately, rarely a Twitter stream or FB page is ever posting constantly on the same topic, making the aggregated result not as useful as it could be by allowing any source to be filtered for specific keywords.

Interesting. 7/10

Try it out: 

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Scooped by Robin Good!

Facebook Introduces Pinterest-Style, Curated "Collections"

Facebook Introduces Pinterest-Style, Curated "Collections" | Content Curation World |

Robin Good: Facebook has introduced a new curation feature designed to allow its users to collect and organize their favorite "products" into so-called "Collections".

According to Hubspot "the new feature called 'Collections,' allows marketers to add “Want” or “Collect” buttons to news feed posts about products."


The new FB "Collections" is publicly available to everyone, and it is being tested "with 7 retail partners -- Pottery Barn, Wayfair, Victoria’s Secret, Michael Kors, Neiman Marcus, Smith Optics, and"

(you need to go to those FB brad pages to test it).

It also seems that the feature can be activated in at least three different ways by one of these three upcoming action buttons:

a) "Want": adds the product to a Timeline section of a user's profile called “Wishlist”

b) "Collect": adds the item to a Collection called “Products”

c) "Like": a special version of the standard "Like" button that also adds the item to “Products”

N.B.: While Collections are free for business pages to use, they're only visible to the page's fans. You have to "Like" the page in order to see these types of posts.

Find out more here:

and here:

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Scooped by Robin Good!

News Discovery Tools: Get The Fastest Spreading News with NewsWhip

News Discovery Tools: Get The Fastest Spreading News with NewsWhip | Content Curation World |

Robin Good: NewsWhip is a news discovery service that specializes in bringing you only the fastest spreading news stories on Facebook and Twitter.

The news are organized by main geographical areas and by broad key topics, from which you can select your preferred ones.

From the official site: "NewsWhip's technology tracks all the news published by about 5,000 English-language sources –about 60,000 news stories each day. It gathers social data for each story – how many shares, likes, tweets and comments it has – at repeated intervals, building a live picture of how popular it is, right now. With this information, it calculates a social speed at which each story is travelling. The process is unique, new, and patent pending."

My comments: If you are looking to pick up "trendy" stories across the board or on specific general interest areas NewsWhip may be a great companion. Disappointing if you are looking for quality, in-depth stories in specific niche areas.

Also of interest two tools the company is offering to web publishers:

1) Spike - makes it easy to catch stries that are starting to trend

2) Social Amplifier - exposes your most valuable articles by leveraging your readers preferences via Facebook and Twitter

More info:

Try it out now:

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Rescooped by Robin Good from Curation, Social Business and Beyond!

How to Use “Curation” to Boost Content “Creation”

How to Use “Curation” to Boost Content “Creation” | Content Curation World |

This piece was written by Heba Hosny, a guest blogger for Lauralee Walker


This article is full of wonderful tips for taking your curation to the next level and embellish your original content.


"Content curation rewards are not limited to branding and SEO; it can also enhance the visibility and the quality of your own content."


There are many things that caught my attention, here are just a few gems:


Curated Content Can Inspire Topics For Created Content


If you don't master this one, all the other tips won't make any sense


****Understand which topics are irresistible to your target audience


My Commentary:


I love this one!


Here's the tip


****Instead of taking the easy route of sharing the topic with your audience, write a blog post to "build on" it.


You can build on a topic in different ways:


**Beg to differ politely


**Provide additional tips and insights


**Ask clarifying question(s)


My Commentary:


This is a great way to add "context" it can start conversations, which invites others to add their comments, bring new observations and more information about a particular topic.


**A perfect segue to building relationships, community, doing business and increasing knowledge.


Curated by Jan Gordon covering "Content Curation, Social Media & Beyond"


Read full article here: []

Via janlgordon
janlgordon's comment, November 22, 2011 3:21 PM
Hi Beth,
I agree with you, I love the feeling of community and the collective wisdom, and you know "curation resonates with me":-)
janlgordon's comment, November 22, 2011 3:22 PM
Thanks so much for rescooping and sharing on twitter:-)
Pittsburgh Tote Bag Project's comment, November 25, 2011 9:17 PM
This has me thinking critically about how we are integrating social media. Inviting interaction has been a huge challenge. We are stimulating new conversations in real world time, but that's not reflected in comments and so forth. I like using Scoop.It widgets to get the newest scoop onto the bog in a timely manner and take some time to reflect on post content.