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Robin Good: The shopping experience is about to change as advertising messages keep losing efficiency, at least when compared with trusted social recommendations.

And some brands, having well understood this mechanism, are already banking on it. 

If you are curious to get a glimpse of what the online shopping experience is increasingly going to look like, look no further than the excellent examples portrayed in this article.

From Cloverleafinnovation: "To filter the noise, shoppers increasingly turn for advice to a “trusted source,” which might be a retailer, a manufacturer brand, a mass media source (e.g. magazine, TV), or close, personal contacts.

We just don’t have time to visit every store, research every product feature and benefit, and uncover the optimal “just right for me” product.

Instead, shoppers are now looking for trusted curators who will present us with a small, personally tailored set of choices.

Think of it like one of those major traveling exhibits of Titanic or Pompeii artifacts. The museum-goers trust the exhibit curator to choose the most exciting pieces to display, out of hundreds that might be warehoused; to organize them in logical fashion, ideally placing them in some kind of historical or environmental context; and finally to label or describe them so we can understand what we’re viewing and relate it to our own life.

Here are three current examples of curation in action:..."

Excellent. 9/10

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