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Robin Good: The semantic web is all about integrating, capturing and exposing data relationships already existing within the information we generate.

From isolated, separate individual information items and streams, the semantic web will take me and you to a new information ecosystem in which the relationships, the connections and the ability to look at data from multiple perspectives are going to be the the main benefit and attraction.

Curation is part of this "semantic" process, giving individuals an important role in filtering, organizing, and making sense of the context and relationships existing between apparently unrelated isolated items.

We are all working to make better sense of the ocean of information that surrounds us.

Grace Nasri brings to light a few examples of internet companies, who have already begun "mapping and graphing the way their customers use, interact with and understand data."

-> Google Knowledge Graph

-> Facebook Social Graph

-> FindtheBest 

-> Hunch

"As we move towards Web 3.0 and the Semantic Web -- characterized by related, contextualized and personalized data -- there's a growing push for more robust context and relationship mapping."

".... a growing number of sites currently creating graphs that relate, connect and map information on the Web; as we move towards a more semantic web, this trend will only continue."

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