Real-Time News Curation: Step-by-Step Guide on Curating Your Own Company News | Content Curation World |

Robin Good: If your company is looking into how to curate their own news stream while creating extra value for readers, this article can help you out in identifying the process and the key steps to take.

From the article intro: "Curating news that the media isn't covering can lead to media coverage. And, by extension, it can improve and expand on stories the media are covering.


There's plenty of evidence that business is adopting content curation, but the practice hasn't been around long enough for organizations to innovate more targeted, results-focused uses."

Here some of the key steps involved:

a) Identify Opportunity

b) Select Curators

c) Monitor Conversations

d) Select and Comment

e) Announce and Promote

Useful. 7/10

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