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Robin Good: The future, for those seeking the news, may not be on Google News or TV. This is what emerges from looking at general trends and recent data that analyze where and how individuals are accessing and finding the news that they are interested into.

From PandoDaily: "...Pew media survey from last month also showed that the percentage of Americans who say they saw news or news headlines on social networking sites had increased from 9 percent to 19 percent since 2010.

For people younger than 30, just as many saw news on social media (33 percent) as had seen any TV news (34 percent).

Increasingly, news is coming to us through our friend and interest networks, via Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and LinkedIn especially.

Today, there’s simply less need to seek news out via aggregation services.

That’s a fact that Buzzfeed, which relies on social sharing for the lion’s share of its traffic, has pretty much bet its business on. On most of its stories, Buzzfeed displays a “stats dashboard” that shows where each article’s referral traffic comes from. In three randomly selected pieces (this one, this one, and this one), traffic from “” came in well below traffic from Facebook and Twitter, and in some cases Reddit, Tumblr, and Digg."

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