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What a Content Curator Needs To Know: How, Tools, Issues and Strategy
Curated by Robin Good
Author: Robin Good   Google+
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Scooped by Robin Good!

Content Curation: an Introductory Guide by Sadie Baxter

Content Curation: an Introductory Guide by Sadie Baxter | Content Curation World |
Robin Good's insight:

Sadie Baxter has published an excellent introductory guide to content curation in which she explains in clear and simple words.

  • what curation is, and is not
  • which are its benefits
  • the steps needed
  • tips
  • tools

If you are new to content curation and want to get the basics well explained into just one article, this is a good one to check.

Rightful. Comprehensive. 8/10

Full guide:

Klaas Joosten's curator insight, September 30, 2013 4:22 PM

We can use these steps for our to become experts !

enrique rubio royo's curator insight, October 20, 2013 1:44 PM

Sencilla y útil exposición del proceso de curación de contenidos (excelente síntesis la de la imagen), incluyendo recursos y herramientas que lo facilitan en cuanto al coste temporal requerido en toda curación de contenidos.

Marisol Araya Fonseca's curator insight, February 1, 2014 12:04 PM

Nice guide

Scooped by Robin Good!

How To Start Curating News: Approach and Tools Advice by Jay Palter

How To Start Curating News: Approach and Tools Advice by Jay Palter | Content Curation World |

Robin Good: If you are new to news curation and are looking for some basic advice on how you can start finding good content out there and where/how to promote it, you will find this introductory guide by Jay Palter quite useful.

In it there is some good basic advice on what kind of free tools and approaches you can start using to monitor specific topics as well as proper suggestions on how to characterize and add value to your curation work.

Good for getting your feet wet. 7/10

Full article: 

Beth Kanter's comment, June 2, 2012 12:46 PM
Thanks for this - been looking for a beginner guide for some NGOs I'm working with in India are just getting started with social media/content strategy. This a useful article for them to read.
Jay Palter's comment June 2, 2012 2:35 PM
Thanks for the feedback and sharing, Robin. Appreciate your inspiration and support.
Robin Good's comment, June 2, 2012 2:48 PM
Thank YOU Jay!