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What a Content Curator Needs To Know: How, Tools, Issues and Strategy
Curated by Robin Good
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Exercise Caution: The Key Aspect To Pay Attention To For Novice Content Curators

Exercise Caution: The Key Aspect To Pay Attention To For Novice Content Curators | Content Curation World |
Robin Good's insight:

If you are a novice content curator do not go for quantity. That is not what makes the difference. Go for high-quality, and consistency.

Steer away from the temptation of republishing or sharing anything that you have not read and vet in full.

"The best curators out there did not build such impressive followerships by carelessly retweeting, sharing or promoting low-quality content.

These brilliant individuals:

a) never curate an article that they haven’t read in full,


b) never support something they don’t believe in,

c) never get lazy.

How do you think they would look in the eyes of their fans if they judged content based only on a title and the first two paragraphs?

Lack of quality is the number one downfall of content curators.

Granted, your audience will not be increasing by the thousands, but if you prioritize quality over quantity the people who choose to follow you will actually matter."

My comment: Key strategy n.1 (and n.3) in this article are the only one worthwhile paying attention to. The other ones are, in my opinion, actually misleading. You don't need to focus on latest trendy content and breaking news, curating content other than text is a well known strategy as much as the obviousness of keeping your focus always in sight.

Strategy n.1 is a fantastic reminder for novice content curators: 6/10 

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Federico Santarelli's curator insight, April 1, 2019 8:26 PM
Grazie bellissimo Robin Good per offrirmi l'opportunità di lavorare Internet anche grazie a questo tuo social network, mentre ti auguro di realizzare ciò che realmente scegli di realizzare, ricordo di ringraziare i lavoratori che hanno realizzato questo social network che mi sembra proprio fatto bene, buona giornata e buon lavoro! <3 ... <3
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An Introduction To Content Curation for Companies

An Introduction To Content Curation for Companies | Content Curation World |

"Learn how and why businesses should use content curation in their content marketing strategies and tools to get started now."


Ths is a basic intro to content curation for companies.


Susan Gunelius writing in Forbes Woman explains:

*that curation is a human process

*that curated content should be high quality

*how to find some easy tools to begin with

*what curation can contribute to the content marketing effort


This can be a good introductory article to explain the value and process of curation to clients who are about to begin or who want more information first.


Read the full article here


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Content Curation for Beginners: What Is It, How To Start

Content Curation for Beginners: What Is It, How To Start | Content Curation World |

Robin Good: A good, clean and very readable introduction to content curation for beginners.

Justine Hyde does more than a good job in introducing "content curation" to those yet unfamiliar with it, explaining its purpose and the key steps to start doing it.

Good advice. 7/10

Full article:

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