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Robin Good: A curated collection of Pinterest-like web sites, in perfect Pinterest-like style.

As an increasing number of brands and smaller publishers are adopting a Pinterest-like layout approach to make their content more accessible, someone has decided to start collecting and organizing the best of these.

"Pinterest Pinterest Pinterest. It’s spread like a hot, juicy rumor over Twitter, infecting (or improving, depending on how you look at it) the way we use the Internet. Think of it as the Pinterest-ifictation of the Web.

If Tumblr were designed today it might look like Pinterest. All Pinterest did was take the Tumblr feed — a mishmash of uploaded, reblogged and remixed words and images — and make it easier to skim. Rather than scroll endlessly through a single feed of content, Pinterest displays it in as many columns as your browser width can handle..."

Source: http://pandodaily.com/2012/09/07/the-great-pinterestification-how-pinterests-design-legacy-might-trump-the-company-itself/

You can submit your own here: http://pinteresti.st/submit

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Check it out now: http://pinteresti.st/

(Thanks to Guillaume DeCugis for discovering this)