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What a Content Curator Needs To Know: How, Tools, Issues and Strategy
Curated by Robin Good
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Scooped by Robin Good!

13 Real-World Examples of How Content Curation Can Be Monetized

Real-world examples showing how gathering, collecting, organising and adding value to existing available information can create useful and economically sustain…
Robin Good's insight:

If it is true that *attention* is the one of the highest valued intangible assets, whoever is capable to provide a solution that saves people time (and frustration, effort, comparing, verifying, etc.) in getting what they want / need, will likely get lots of it. 

For example, if I could save you all of the time that you would need to:

- find all the journalists that could cover your startup and their email

- get the full story on what is happening in a specific market secto

- choose the ideal set of free online courses to achieve a skillset

- find easily the old, downloadable version of your favorite software

- know which are all of the events devoted to "x" that are coming up

wouldn't you be willing to pay for it?

For some of these, I probably would.

In this slide deck from the "Art of Content Curation" event that took place this past January in Amsterdam, you can find 13 examples of websites, blogs, startups and web companies that have a created a sustainable, if not altogether profitable business, by collecting, filtering, organising, adding value and presenting in uniquely effective ways, existing information, already available online. 

If you are wondering whether it is actually possible to create an online business around the art of content curation, here are some tangible, real-world examples, that you can look at.

For each one you will find a number of screenshots and a synthetic info card summarising the service that they offer and their business model.

First shown on January 15th 2015 at the "Art of Content Curation" event in Amsterdam.  

Original slide deck: 


Gilbert C FAURE's curator insight, December 16, 2017 6:54 AM
principles are very good!
examples are not so well known, so not successful.. 
to monetize, you should find people interested in paying your time
cheersitskatie's curator insight, June 22, 2020 9:05 PM
These slides give extremely good examples of successful and profitable content curation in a good range of situations. I think content curators can really benefit by seeing and understanding how strategies, tools, and concepts work together in practice.
Faith asphalt's comment, February 15, 2023 1:09 AM
Scooped by Robin Good!

Content Curation at Work: Startupery - A Library of Startup Best-Practices Curated by True Subject Matter Experts

Content Curation at Work: Startupery - A Library of Startup Best-Practices Curated by True Subject Matter Experts | Content Curation World |
Robin Good's insight:

Startupery is a new online resource which organizes and curates best-practices, strategy advice, tips and methods for business startups.

The present library currently comprises over 500 hundred resources organized under 372 topics by 12 selected "experts", which include, among others, Fred Wilson (Vevnture Capitalist), Eric Ries (The Lean Startup), Chris Dixon (Investor) and Brad Feld (Early Stage Investor / Entrepreneur). 

For each expert you will find a page outlining his profile and presenting, in a categorized fashion, a selected number of sources suggested by him.

"For years, and now more than ever, startup founders, investors and operators have been sharing advice on how to succeed in business. From personal blogs to up-and-coming publications, this advice has been scattered and often hard to find when you need it mostStartup{ery is a library for this advice, giving each resource and the important topics that they cover a home on the internet."

An excellent and well-organized resource hub for startups, Simple, easy to navigate and staffed by a highly reputable set of subject-matter-experts / curators.

A great example of the value that content curation can bring to just about any field, where there is lot of precious information scattered around and which can greatly benefit from competent and trusted "organizers". 

Free to use.


Added to Content Curation Examples board.

Pierre Dejean's curator insight, July 12, 2014 10:16 AM

Great content about Start-up ! 

Deb Nystrom, REVELN's curator insight, September 4, 2014 6:01 PM

Take start-ups & entrepreneurs, add content curation by SMEs, subject matter experts, viola!  It's a handy resource worth a good look to support entrepreneurs and the growth of their companies.  ~  D