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Scooped by Robin Good!

Collect, Capture and Organize Your Favorite Files and Web Pages with Zimilate

Collect, Capture and Organize Your Favorite Files and Web Pages with Zimilate | Content Curation World |
Robin Good's insight:

Zimilate is a new content collection and organizing tool that allows you to create Pinterest-like boards containing files of any kind, documents, PDFs, newly created text notes as well as images and full web pages that can be easily captured with a dedicated bookmarklet/extension.

Content items can be tagged, manually ordered and collected into "spheres", which can be set to be "private" or public.

It's very easy to drag and drop items from one collection to another and to re-order items in any way you want.

Team collaborators can be invited to contribute content to any of your collections.

All contents collected in Zimilate are fully searchable.

Zimilate is a powerful content curation app, similar to Pinterest but with added functionalties (more content types supported and powerful web page capturing) and more flexibility (reordering of items in a collection) which make it a potentially valuable alternative. At the same time, since it is so new, it lacks Pinterest core feature that allows you to easily select any image from a web page and to pin it to a board. With Zimilate, for now you need to click and save the image and then import it.

Free to use.

Try it out now: 

Check this review: 

Added to Content Curation Tools directory.

Thanks to Francesco Guglielmino for finding it.

FrancoisMagnan's curator insight, June 17, 2014 2:11 AM

En attendant de le tester,  voici un outil de curation qui a l'air alléchant au vu de son descriptif.

Henrik Safegaard - Cloneartist's curator insight, June 17, 2014 4:30 AM

It's maybe look a bit like Pinterest but it's not. It's seems a lot better and if you think a bit creative i'm sure you will spot that it's very usefully. You both have a public and a Private sphere and you can have collaborators, students, friends, co. workers or maybe even a closed membership site where you can share files, webpages and whatever you like. 

Click and check it out. It sure looks good to me.


Save information and research about important topics in one place, so you can find what you need fast. Zimilate lets you stop searching through bookmarks, file sharing, documents on your computer, scribbled notes, and links you’ve emailed to yourself. All your knowledge is just a click away and accessible on your desktop, phone, and tablet."

Scooped by Robin Good!

Capture Anything From The Web and Organize Into Visual Boards with Clipular

Robin Good's insight:

Clipular is Chrome browser extension and web app which is capable of capturing any text, web page, image, video, diagram or any other content you can see on a web page, wile indexing the text it contains and letting you organize it into public/private collections.

The Clipular capturing tool can capture full web pages, or any portion that you specify.

Captured content can be tagged (assigned to one or more categories), commented and easily shared on your preferred social media channels.

Clipular "boards" (collections) can be set to be private or can be publicly shared.

There is an import function to bring in your existing collections. (Unfortunately, the display of web pages imported in this fashion is quite disappointing as they are forced to appear - even when clicked on - at a thumbnail size).

A unique organizational feature called "Group" lets you easily grab items from your dashboard and throw them easily into a new or existing collection.

A collection can be published / displayed in one of four different modes:

a) Magazine

b) Poster

c) Story

d) Pattern

My comment: This is an excellent content capturing and organization tool, meant for internal work and not for publishing collections to the public (at least for now). The capturing tool is extremely effective, and the organizational features also work very well. The display, in the main dashboard and the four display modes do have some margin of improvement. Good alternative to Pinterest when you need not so much to collect images, but rather web pages, text excerpts, video collections or other materials.

Free to use.

Try it out now:

Chrome extension (inndispensable):

Ernesto Alegre's curator insight, June 14, 2013 5:32 AM

La evolución del bookmarklet en extensión de browser más robusta, dentro de un concepto de curación visual de contenido.

Scooped by Robin Good!

Capture Any Content from the Web and Organize Into Boards with ScissorsFly

Capture Any Content from the Web and Organize Into Boards with ScissorsFly | Content Curation World |
Robin Good's insight:

Scissorsfly is a great new web app which allows you to "photograph" any screen or part of it and to collect and organize these pictures into Pinterest-like boards.

The capture functionality allows you to not just to pick images available on a web page as you would do with Pinterest but it allows you to clip any part of a web page or a full visible screen as you may see fit.

Differently than on Pinterest, the collected items can be easily arranged, positioned and resized on the board.

Scissorsfly provides a Chrome browser extension (Firefox and Safari coming soon) that once clicked provides a small toolbar with all of the key commands available.

Free to use.

Excellent capture and collect tool, provides lots of the original functionalities available in the now defunct Unfortunately there is no ability to capture a full web page, from top to bottom, but outside of this, I really found Scissorsfly to be an excellent tool for capturing and curating ay type of content available online.  

Try it out now: 

Chrome app store: 

Joyce Valenza's curator insight, February 24, 2014 8:12 AM

Looks promising and pretty for curation.

Nine0Media's curator insight, February 25, 2014 9:31 PM

Very cool! #WebConsultants #WebDesign

Alfredo Corell's curator insight, August 15, 2014 2:25 PM
About ScissorsflyIn the spirit of freedom and creativity, we designed Scissorsfly. For the first time ever, you will be equipped with something that frees your imagination to creatively collect and organize everything you love on the web, and share them with friends.

Scissorsfly originates from an open hackathon hosted at LinkedIn, when Sillicon Valley tech talents from places like Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, or CMU, MIT, Stanford, Berkerly came to play. We won the championship with the idea called ClipIt, which becomes the magic scissors at your hand today. 

Web 1.0 gave you static webpages. Web 2.0 gives you interactions and collaborations with the web and the world. Scissorsfly will give you not only that, but also the initiative to tailor the web at will. It will be an experience beyond the long lasting web 2.0...

Finally, you can run wild with these scissors.
Their MissionCollecting and organizing information is really important to us. However, it could be painful from time to time. We built Scissorsfly for you to enjoy the process.
TeamWe are an early stage startup based in Mountain View (CA) and Chicago (IL). Our team is small and close-knit, with both strong engineering (e.g. Google, Yahoo!, Linkedin, eBay) and research (e.g. security, data mining, machine learning) backgrounds. For anything interesting, drop us a line at