Robin Good: The age of curated UI design for portable devices is already here.

But I had never thought of it this way. Until I ran into this interesting video clip from Sarah Rotman (back from May 2010) that made me think about curation in the realm of UI and content delivery design. 

"Forrester Research Analyst Sarah Rotman Epps talks about how Apple's iPad and other tablet devices will usher in a new era of personal computing.

Forrester Research calls this "Curated Computing"-- a mode of computing where choice is constrained to deliver less complex, more relevant experiences.

There's more at stake here than just tablets: Curated Computing will be the dominant design principle behind future form factors like wearable devices.

Product strategists that don't want to cede the future of devices to Apple should start thinking like museum curators and editors: Sometimes less is more.

Is this really about "curation"?

What's your take on this?

Read more on the original "curated computing" Forrester concept here: