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Robin Good: Zeen, the new app from the original founder of YouTube is finally coming, and it has opened its doors to private beta users.

On paper and by looking at the first screenshots, Zeen promises to be a curation-publishing platform similar to the new, Storify and, but without any new revolutionary feature or improvement over those existing platforms.

While I am waiting to get in and start testing it myself, I share with you the official launch news as picked up by Giuseppe Mauriello from TheNextWeb review:

"YouTube founders launched a teaser for a new project called Zeen. 

It’s similarly based around the idea of content curation, but whereas Delicious is about tags and bookmarks, Zeen is a more developed version of the ‘social newspaper’ services like


After connecting your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts, you get the option to create your first magazine, choosing from a number of template styles and color schemes.


You then dive into creating the magazine, without quite so much guidance about what you’re doing or why. Tools along the top of the magazine allow you to add content from the likes of Google searches, YouTube content, Instagram photos, Twitter, RSS feeds (you have to enter the feed URL) – or content you’ve clipped from around the Web using a blookmarklet.


Once you’ve added as much content as you like, one piece of content per page, you can publish your magazine to share with others..."


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Via Giuseppe Mauriello