Curating Your Sources Is As Important As Curating Your Content | Content Curation World |
Robin Good: Gideon Rosenblatt has a good article out on his blog Alchemy of Change, explaining how important it is for curators to explore and expand their news and content sources to avoid becoming another megaphone for what everyone else is already sharing.

He writes: "...when it comes to networking information, curating content is only half of the problem.

The other half is curating people.

When we take the time to build interesting, diverse circles on Google+ or lists on Twitter, we improve the way we filter information. It’s up to us.

We can pursue strategies that concentrate the stream of content into just the same old stuff, or we can go out of our way to increase the diversity – and the quality – of what comes to us.

It’s all in the people we follow.


In the world of the information networker, curating content is only half the game. The other half is curating the curators.

And in that power to choose our connections, rests our ultimate power to reshape our information filter bubbles and radically improve our perception of reality."

Rightful. 8/10