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Robin Good: Well researched and resourceful article by Amalia Agathou on key trends and technologies that are transforming the fashion industry.

One such new key transforming factor is "curation" and the many ways it's being used to help individuals find, share and endorse the products they like the most.

"Curated commerce: A growing number of fashion sites at the affordable end of the market work with influential bloggers, stylists and celebrities to sell products via e-shops with an editorial feel."

A few examples:

"1) London-based Stylistpick, offers consumers a “personalized showroom” full of products selected by well-known stylists.

2) #MyMix for eBay in the UK and Germany is curated by The eBay Style Collective a group of fashion bloggers, stylists and eBay fanatics.

3) Yoox often features a section with picks by celebs like the most recent Orlando Bloom: His choice for her.

4) ASOS finder is curated by its own community.

Sites that used mechanism for personalized curation, like Google’s, haven’t caught on so far, partly because in order for a successful recommendation system to work effectively it needs significant volumes of user data, and shopping preferences in fashion change extremely quickly.

Maybe a hybrid shopping site that uses recommendation engines along with shopping assistance by professional stylists is the next step."

The article looks also into other key factors influencing big changes sweeping the fashion industry, such as video, mobile apps, crowdsourcing and more.

Insightful. 8/10

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