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Robin Good: Someone may be looking soon for the perfect gift that you always wanted, though it may not be your best friend.

From the original article: "As Professor Barry Schwartz pointed out in a 2005 TED talk, “The Paradox of Choice,” the overabundance of options often leads to disappointment.

Wantful, a new online startup, might have had these ideas in mind when it launched its site in 2011."

Here's how their service works:

"1) The site asks a gift-giver to answer a series of questions about the intended recipient.

2) Next, it generates a list of 10 possible gifts that is bound, printed and sent to the gift recipent as a high quality catalogue.

3) When the catalogue arrives, the recipient simply chooses which of the 10 items she prefers."

What do you think of this kind of "curation"?

Would you be excited to receive a present like this?

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(Unearthed by Giuseppe Mauriello)