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Curated Shopping: eBay To Introduce Curation Features This Fall

Curated Shopping: eBay To Introduce Curation Features This Fall | Content Curation World |

eBay hired a Chief Curator from Bureau of Trade and will be introducing new social features to the site this fall, including Pinterest-like collections and Facebook-like follow buttons. Take a look in our exclusive sneak peek.

Robin Good's insight:

According to Ina Steiner on eBay has hired Michael Phillips Moskowitz to act as Chief Curator and Editorial Director and will be launching in the coming weeks its own curated collections features.

To see some of the upcoming curation features that eBay is going to offer to facilitate recommendations and trusted shopping among eBay 120 million active users, go and check out who is likely a beta user having already access to them.

"On her eBay Profile page, you can see her collections presented in very much the style of Pinterest boards."

Curated shopping collections are a powerful trust-enhancing method to help buyers share their know-how while helping others make more informed choices. eBay is only one among many other large online e-shops (Etsy and Amazon have both recently introduced similar features) to make curation features available to its users.

Interesting. Informative. 7/10

Full article: 

DSDomination's curator insight, November 7, 2013 5:36 AM

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Curate Your Online Fashion Boutique and Earn for Items Sold Through Your Collections:

Curate Your Online Fashion Boutique and Earn for Items Sold Through Your Collections: | Content Curation World |

Robin Good: Boutine is a women cloting and fashion platform allowing you to create custom collections and to earn commissions on the items sold through it.

From Techcrunch: "Sourcing items from a variety of indie designers, over half of whom are international, Boutine organizes and presents the pieces in a drag-and-drop interface where women can create looks using tops, bottoms, dresses, handbags, jewelry and other accessories.

Of some 300 signups from designers, Boutine curated the selection down to just 75 designers, with help from a team of experts from the fashion industry.


In addition to the mix-and-matching Boutine allows, users can also add their own Instagram photos to their collections (as the outfits or outfit groups are called). This allows them to start with a photo of something they already own, then find other items to match with it.

For example, you could find a necklace to complement a date-night dress, or some new jeans to go with a shirt you love. When collections are complete, they can be shared to all the usual places – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or even blogs via embed codes or a WordPress plugin.


According to the site FAQ, Boutine charges a 20% commission on products sold, and Stylists (that’s you) would receive a 10% commission for putting the look together.

Boutine collects the total commission and distributes the appropriate amount to the Boutique Owner, meaning the bloggers, stylists, and fashion enthusiast who are the active participants building collections on the site."

(Source: Techcrunch)

How it works:

Video demo:

Try it out now:

Prasanth (WN)'s comment, August 9, 2012 4:47 AM
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The Curated Shopping Experience: Great Examples at Work

The Curated Shopping Experience: Great Examples at Work | Content Curation World |

Robin Good: The shopping experience is about to change as advertising messages keep losing efficiency, at least when compared with trusted social recommendations.

And some brands, having well understood this mechanism, are already banking on it. 

If you are curious to get a glimpse of what the online shopping experience is increasingly going to look like, look no further than the excellent examples portrayed in this article.

From Cloverleafinnovation: "To filter the noise, shoppers increasingly turn for advice to a “trusted source,” which might be a retailer, a manufacturer brand, a mass media source (e.g. magazine, TV), or close, personal contacts.

We just don’t have time to visit every store, research every product feature and benefit, and uncover the optimal “just right for me” product.

Instead, shoppers are now looking for trusted curators who will present us with a small, personally tailored set of choices.

Think of it like one of those major traveling exhibits of Titanic or Pompeii artifacts. The museum-goers trust the exhibit curator to choose the most exciting pieces to display, out of hundreds that might be warehoused; to organize them in logical fashion, ideally placing them in some kind of historical or environmental context; and finally to label or describe them so we can understand what we’re viewing and relate it to our own life.

Here are three current examples of curation in action:..."

Excellent. 9/10

Original article: 

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American Express Bets Its Cards on the Curated Fashion Shopping Experience

American Express Bets Its Cards on the Curated Fashion Shopping Experience | Content Curation World |

Robin Good: American Express has just unveiled a series of new partnerships designed to support a number of online curated fashion shopping platforms.

The goal for American Express is the one of exposing and promoting the benefits of a shopping experience that takes consumers from inspiration and discovery to purchase and finally to social sharing.

These the three new partnerships in place:

1) In partnership with The Fancy, American Express has created a first-of-its kind brand channel curated by tastemakers and fashion industry insiders that will feature an offer exclusively for American Express Cardmembers®. American Express will be working with influencers including Prabal Gurung, Susie Lau of Style Bubble, Kelly Framel of The Glamourai, Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoes, Jenné Lombardo and others to Fancy products that they love and enable shoppers to purchase the merchandise directly from The Fancy.

2) American Express has partnered with Harper’s BAZAAR as they prepare to launch ShopBAZAAR, the first true editorial-to-commerce online store. ShopBAZAAR is a breakthrough online store, enabling readers to move from the inspiration of seeing desirable items in the magazine’s pages to effortlessly acquiring them in a fully integrated experience, directed in its entirety by the editors of Harper’s BAZAAR.

3) My Lucky is a new platform designed to provide users with the opportunity to Shop, Sticker, Share and Buy seamlessly on with American Express. The first-to-market technology created by Lucky magazine allows consumers to socially shop with ease. Lucky’s beloved sticker system, a favorite of magazine readers, helps users categorize and curate their purchases. My Lucky will allow users to digitally sticker the products they love and shop from MyLuckyShops with a layer of editorial curation.

Official press release:

(Image credit:

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Curate Your Own Online Fashion Boutique with Wisemarkit

Curate Your Own Online Fashion Boutique with Wisemarkit | Content Curation World |

Robin Good: Wisemarkit is a new web service which allows anyone to create a personal online boutique and to stock it with his/her favorite items while earning a commission on those actually sold. These items need not be from you, though they can, but can be brought in from Amazon or ShopSense to populate your boutique even if you are not a designer.

From the official site:

a) Open a shop in 60 seconds

b) Fill it with products you believe in

c) Share across your network

d) Make commission off what you sell

Mashable reports: "Individuals don’t need to own the stock to put it in their shop and make a commission on the sale,” Salah says. “Etsy is all user-generated products. So, if I make a desk, I can sell it on Etsy.

In Wisemarkit, I can sell the desk without owning the desk.

...Members can curate products from Amazon and ShopSense, which aggregates products from online retail destinations including NET-A-PORTER, Shopbop and Neiman Marcus."

To be noticed, is the curation attitude that pervades this online shopping strategy.

Currently, Wisemarkit users are limited to 10 Wisemarks — recommendations on the platform.

...Only 10 products show up in your main shop at a time. Older items remain in your stock room and commission can still be earned on referrals.

For example, I might have a shop of swimsuits, as the winter approaches I change my shop into a winter coats store. The swimsuits go into my stock room,” Salah says. “The following season I might dip back into my stockroom and Wisemark the swimsuits again, and now the winter coats are in my stockroom.”
(Source: Mashable)

Find out more:   

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