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Curating Type: How Monotype Uses Curation To Help Its Customers Find What They Like

Curating Type: How Monotype Uses Curation To Help Its Customers Find What They Like | Content Curation World |

Robin Good: "Would you like to join a select group of designers from around the world to curate what you would consider fonts from our Monotype collection for use in editorial publishing?"

This is what James Fooks-Bale, from Monotype (the largest type foundry out there) initially wrote to Mario Garcia. The email went out also to several other designers around the world, who were all invited to participate in curating a set of type collections to inspire and help designers re-discover what fonts and typefaces to use for their next project.

"The unique challenge of this project was developing type palettes.

Each set of type families had to make sense for the hypothetical publications we proposed.

But the families in each palette also had to complement each other: in finish, attitude, or historical reference.

It was not about selecting interesting typefaces, but choosing those that could work as part of a system..."

Monotype calls these curated sets of typographic faces "collections" and it describes their function and meaning as: "The Monotype Collections are a series of personal font selections curated from the Monotype library by leading figures in the print and digital design worlds.

Each one takes a theme that corresponds to real-life briefs or trends, such as Heritage, Publishing, Branding or Web Fonts, and all fonts selected by our curators are available to license from Monotype.


The sheer volume of font options now available to designers and creative directors can be daunting and time-consuming to explore, leading designers to settle for tried-and-trusted go-to fonts.

The purpose of the collections is to widen their palette, and offer a range of entry points to the Monotype library, which contains thousands of fonts covering every application, and has its origins in the late 19th century.

The Collections contrast contemporary alternatives and reveal hidden gems from the archives, and invite designers to delve deeper."

This is a great example of how curation can be used to market, inspire and help great artists discover and re-discover tools they may have not been using for a while.

Fascinating. Innovative. Inspiring. 9/10

Full story + samples from all curated sets:

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Scooped by Robin Good!

From Push to Pull Marketing via Content Curation

From Push to Pull Marketing via Content Curation | Content Curation World |

Robin Good: Cory O'Brien writes on his blog: "...Over time, as trust shifted and consumers were more willing to look outside of the traditional sources for new content, additional verticals started to adapt to this trend, including ad networks and daily deal sites.

... [here] I’ll give a few examples of daily deals sites that have harnessed the power of content curation."

And then he presents three online services that are making the best of content curation for marketing products.

From the article conclusions: "By becoming the source of curated content, brands can shift some of their energy from push to pull marketing.

Instead of constantly pushing out messages through banners spread far and wide, they can pull in their desired audience by sharing content those customers will enjoy, and then retain those customers for long-term interaction with the brand.

This gives the brand additional opportunities to develop a deeper relationship with their customers without additional media spend, and puts the focus on a channel that they have much more control over.

Curating content that customers will enjoy does take time, and you can’t be everywhere at once, so brands need to choose channels wisely, but for those that have the personality and the resources it takes, content curation can be a great way to attract and retain an audience that will trust the brand for more than just a one time sale."

Insightful. 7/10

Full article: 

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Recognizing Curation Intent: Marketing, Sense-Making or Personal Expression

Recognizing Curation Intent: Marketing, Sense-Making or Personal Expression | Content Curation World |

Robin Good: Short post but very relevant points to start looking at. @chopemurray at Opencollaborarchy is the first individual I see catching the different shades of curation "intent" that are characterizing the "surge" of content curation initiatives, projects and tools all around us.

From the original post: "However the evolution of digital curation is experiencing some fragmentation. Not that this is bad, but it does suggest the differences should be understood as curation tools will differ in features and capabilities as each tries to satisfy its target customer base.

So far I have identified 3 major distinctions in [what is "sold" today as] curation:

a) Content Distribution

Marketing Content: comes in several forms as marketeers move away from landing pages on Facebook and web sites, and seek to amplify brand presence through curated content.

b) Sense-making - Topic-focused 

Information (or Knowledge Content): More focused on collecting and condensing information to support a topic or subject. Most commonly a reference site usually set up for either internal or external collaboration

c) Personal Expression

Curating Personal Content – less dependent on content management features and capabilites: can either be used for amplification (self-branding) or condensing (information)."

Rightful. Calls for deeper analysis. 8/10

P.S.: I invite you also to contribute to the poll provided at the end of the post. Notwithstanding that the poll will reflect only the opinions of those answering it, I'd very much like those few investing in curation as a sense-making activity to make their voices heard.

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