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Robin Good: StoryCrawler is an upcoming news and content curation platform which allows you to easily track an unlimited number of topics / keywords and to curate selected ones for publication, both on the web, via RSS feed or email.

Selected news stories can be, tagged, categorized and fully edited in each and every aspect before being published.

Inside the Storycrawler backend, a curator can configure and save an unlimited number of persistent searches monitoring online mentions of events, people, brands inside specific types of content sources (e.g.: social media, news, blogs, etc.).

Storycrawler makes your curated news stream available as a RSS feed, as an embeddable javaScript or iFrame code snippet, besides publishing your content directly on your account pages and providing direct sharing options for Facebook and Twitter.


From my own limited experience in testing an "unofficial" early Beta version of Storycrawler, it looks like the basics features are all in place while the UI, usability and final output formatting options still having some work to do.

P.S.: The platform seems to be targeted at medium to large size, enterprise companies and does not provide for now indications of its pricing plans. You can contact a StoryCrawler representative here:


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