Two Very Different Ways of Curating The News: Techmeme vs. Daring Fireball | Content Curation World |

Robin Good: Valuable analysis of two very different approaches to news curation on the Intigi blog.

Justin Lambert writes: "The argument for content curation is no longer an argument.

Curation is the only means by which anyone can really make sense of the flood.

But there are a lot of different forms of large-scale curation, from the purely automated aggregation of RSS feeds to hand-selected, best-of-the-best link lists.

Not to mention the smaller-scale curation going on all over the social web by individuals sharing interesting and valuable links with their personal and professional communities."

In this first installment of a six-part series on curation, Mr Lambert explores and analyzes the differences between Techmeme, a curated tech news aggregator and Daring Fireball a one-man-band writer wittfully curating a unique variety of Apple related bits.

Good analysis. 7/10

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