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Curate, Organize and Visualize Large Data Collections with TreeMap

Curate, Organize and Visualize Large Data Collections with TreeMap | Content Curation World |

Robin Good's insight:

Treemap is a cross-platform treemap visualization downloadable software tool which allows you to import large data collections that are too big to visualize and easily navigate through standard display formats, and to create stunningly effective data displays based on the "treemap" format.

If you are not familiar with it, the treemap data display algorithm works by dividing the data display area "so that the area of each entry is proportional to the data values" it contains.

In addition to the classic treemap layout algorithm, TreeMap also offers additional display formats including squarified variant that harmonizes aspect ratios of the rectangles, the circular tag cloud and Voronoi layouts.

"In terms of interaction, TreeMap provides a zooming interface as well as the possibility to drill-down. Details on demand are available in the form of pop-ups whose content can be freely customized."

Data can be imported from Excel, MySQL / SQL Server / PostgreSQL / Oracle databases and there color, height, labels, relevance can be mapped to any record attribute.

30-day free trial available:

Pricing: $259 for license

N.B.: The Treemap server software ($2495 for internal use - higher rates for public use), allows you to publicly share and publish online all of your treemap visualizations.

My comment: I think that treemaps will revolutionize the way we can organize and make accessible large data sets and collections in ways that are immediately useful for the layman. I wish I could already utilize a technology like this one to organize some of my large tool collections, as however good, the present-day tools just don't cut in when you need to work with medium to large-size collections.

I look forward to lower prices and more user-friendly versions of Treemap to be released and integrated in other data curation apps. There is a fast growing market of companies and individual data curators highly interested in making sense of their data sets.

More info:


Free 30-day try-out:

Download (Win, OSX, Linux):

Datasets (that you can play with):


Check also:

Treemap Server:
Server try-out:

Treemap API:

API try-out:

ghbrett's curator insight, July 18, 2013 9:08 AM

This is another post where I recommend that you scroll down to have a look at Robin Good's great commentary. I can not beat his for details. His site is:  Thanks Robin!

Jenifer Rettler's curator insight, July 18, 2013 10:15 AM

If you are looking for additional visualization tools for displaying data, TreeMap v. 3.0 offers a classic tree map layout as well as others, like squarified variant, circular, tag cloud and voronoi.

malek's curator insight, July 18, 2013 4:54 PM

Interesting tool, give it a try

Scooped by Robin Good!

A Curated Visual Interactive View of Yahoo! Daily Data: CORE

A Curated Visual Interactive View of Yahoo! Daily Data: CORE | Content Curation World |

The Yahoo!'s Content Optimization and Relevance Engine (C.O.R.E.) creates 13 million story combinations a day on Yahoo!'s home page. Check out this data visualization: and explore what readers in different age and demographics groups, or with different interests or locations are reading on Yahoo.

A great interactive visualization example that show how curating existing data and presenting it in an accessible and interactive way can create extra value.

Check it out: 

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Scooped by Robin Good!

A Curated Selection of Data Visualization Charts and Infographics: The Information Is Beautiful Awards

A Curated Selection of Data Visualization Charts and Infographics: The Information Is Beautiful Awards | Content Curation World |

Robin Good: David McCandlees, the author of the book Information is Beautiful celebrates great data visualization and information design work through the Information is Beautiful Awards.

Together with a jury of experts like Brian Eno, Paola Antonelli, Maria Popova, Simon Rogers and Aziz Kami, he has curated a unique selection of 300 designs and a short list of finalists in the following categories:

» Data visualization– A singular visualisation of data or information.» Infographic – Using multiple data visualisations in service to a theme or story

» Interactive visualization – Any viz where you can dynamically filter or explore the data.

» Data journalism – A combination of text and visualizations in a journalistic format.

» Motion infographic – Moving and animated visualizations along a theme or story.

» Tool or website – Online tools & apps to aid datavizzing.

The selection itself is worth a tour of the site and of this initiative.


Longlist selection:

Shortlist selection:

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