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Robin Good: If you think about it, the idea that someone you trust, and who knows you (better than a computer software or a complete stranger), can best match you to your possible date partner, is indeed not so far-fetched. 

CupidCurated is an experiment in this direction, focusing  on creating a curated dating club for the SF Bay Area.

A team of women-only curators picks and selects, by interviewing them, each and every applicant, as to make sure their community members have all interesting, reliable profiles and then best-match them to their best possible partner-date.

From the official site: "If curation models help other people find good information, then why not use it to help other people find good people? We are bringing social verification that already occurs amongst people in daily face-to-face interactions into the online dating experience.

Each member is pre-screened by women curators who make sure that the community is trustworthy for everyone.

Curators pick people who they find interesting and would be open to meeting themselves."

N.B.: For now active only for people in the Bay Area. If you live elsewhere and like the idea, please contact @CupidCurated via Twitter with your city preference.

Great curated list of dating places in San Francisco: https://www.facebook.com/groups/262459740518713/doc/262849117146442/ 

FAQ/About: http://www.cupidcurated.com/about/ 

Find out more: http://www.cupidcurated.com/