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Robin Good: What are the downsides to riding the curation wave by auto-aggregating and filtering the most relevant content on a specific topic on your company portal?

Mark Schafer at Business2Community has some good points to make on this. He writes: "I recently attended a conference where a major financial institution proudly displayed its new automated content curation system.

Basically, their answer to the content marketing dilemma every company is facing is to use an outside company to skim off the best financial-services content around the web and present it on their site as a value-added customer service.

On the surface, this seems like a very elegant solution. I mean, why spend the time and money to create original content when you can curate unlimited content from the web and present it as your own customer portal? An intoxicating idea."

And the answer to it is a good set of questions to ask yourself before embarking your organization on this content strategy path, such as (in my own words):

1. If the news you curate are automated how trustable are you?

2. Can you really address a specific problem if you automate curation?

3. Can you talk the language of your listening tribe if you automate?

4. Can you personalize it more?

5. Where are you adding value?

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