Curation Is The Wrong Answer When Your Problem Is To Quickly Publish Great Content | Content Curation World |

Ryan Skinner nails it right on the head:

"...Curation is the wrong answer when the question is:

“How can I fill our sales funnel with cheap content, quicker than quick?”

And it’s the right answer when the question is:

“How can I give people a deeper understanding of what I know and love?


Here a few gems from his six key recommendations:

As narrow as possible: If you’re one guy with one hour a week, you can’t curate a good newsletter about cloud technology. The less resources you have at your disposal, the narrower should be your topic, your focus and your audience.

More than a link: This is the era of frictionless sharing, goddammit. Friction is a demonstration of care. Anyone can send a link. If you’re going to curate and share, add something. Some insight. Commentary. But no more than necessary.

Slap asses: If you’re going to curate someone’s content, you owe it to yourself and to them to be open about it. Preferably, it’s someone you follow and share comments with. And be sure to give them credit.

Give away the reins: To whatever extent possible, allow the people you’re curating for, to influence contents in the future. The likes of Reddit have made this idea their raison d’etre. There’s a reason for that.

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