Collect and Organize All Social Media Items Published About an Event with Eventifier | Content Curation World |

Robin Good: Eventifier offers an easy way to auto-collect and organize all of the video, photos, tweets, slides and other social "artifacts" shared online about a specific event.

To make its "magic" Eventifier taps into reference hastags that you provide when registering an event, and other relevant meta-info, like the location, type and place of event you want to "curate".

Eventifier provides also a live dashboard to enable you to interact and respond to all this incoming media from one central location.

From the official site: "We all are interested in Events and to know about all the happenings in and around the events. Who were the speakers? What were the tweets for the event? Shared pictures & videos and what were the slides for the various sessions?

However this dataflow is scattered; searching, finding and storing this information in the vastness of internet is broken to us. These data are very random; hard to find and sort.

Eventifier was born from this annoyance. We thrive to make your information flow and archiving of event data effortless."

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