Visually Curate Historical Events, Dates or Future Programmes: Timeline Tool 2.0 | Content Curation World |

Robin Good: If you want to curate a timeline, a series of events, like in a week-long festival or conference, or even a course outline or a visual gallery, Timeline Tool 2.0 is an available free solution to do so.

Timeline Tool 2.0 allows anyone to construct an interactive timeline with both audio and visual effects.

Key features include:

  • XML based content organizer
  • Media player (sound and audio) on-the-fly
  • Link embedding
  • Built-in file uploader
  • Customized editing interface
  • Interactive presentation interface
  • Drag and drop timeline events

The finished timeline can be re-used and easily shared over the web.

This tool is built in Flash, PHP and XML.



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