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Robin Good: ConferenceHound is a search engine dedicated to help you find conferences, trade shows, events and speakers sorted by industry, city and date.

Key features include:

-> Custom alerts & reminders

-> Bookmarking of  "must attend" events
-> Ability to follow your favorite speakers

From the official site: "Conference Hound, the global conference discovery platform announced today that its curated database of conferences, trade shows, festivals and conventions now exceeds 80,000 listings.

Conference Hound CTO Jay Hung said: “We are continuing to build our own proprietary set of processes for the timely aggregation, curation and surfacing the world’s conference data.

Bruce Carlisle, CEO of Conference Hound: “Our best estimate is that there are as many as 500,000 conferences held globally every year of one sort or another. This information is incredibly disaggregated, difficult to source and is available in widely disparate formats and depth – which is why other attempts to build a global conference discovery brand have fallen short. While it is doubtful anyone will ever find all of these conferences, trade shows festivals and conventions, this brings us one step closer to providing our users with the best possible discovery experience. As we do this, of course, conference organizers are increasingly incented to enter or claim their own events making their job and ours easier.


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