Curation Is The Cheese For Hungry Exploring Rats: Jay Cross | Content Curation World |

Robin Good: It really feels a bit awkard for me to point you to an article about me, but fate wanted that Jay Cross (e-learning - informal-learning senior explorer) and his curiosity to find out more about curation (something he admittedly he didn't think to have anything extra to learn about), led him to discover something "good".

I leave it to you to slide through this personal recount of how the discovery of my curated "presentation-map" led to such satisfying a-ah moments for Jay.

He writes: "Curation is a fine teacher.

Everyone should learn to curate — and share their interpretation of the world. We’re all in this together.

I’ve been ruminating about what people really need in their learning toolkit to be self-sufficient, effective, turned-on learners. I may write a book on it. Every independent learner needs these “pull skills.”

Building and maintaining one’s collection and personal gallery would teach a lot of skills and also yield a wonderful learning record / scrapbook / diary / album.

A good curator would not put up with the continual revisiting and forgetting that haunts the poor curator. What I wouldn’t give for a massive wiki of all the rules of thumb and information I’ve let slip through my fingers!"

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