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Robin Good: A valuable resource for anyone interested in the creation, organization and preservation of digital collections for the humanities, is this curated selection of resources and citations made available by the DH Curation Guide.

"The DH Curation Guide is a compilation of articles that address aspects of data curation in the digital humanities.

The goal of the DH Curation Guide is to direct readers to trusted resources with enough context from expert editors and the other members of the research community to indicate to how these resources might help them with their own data curation challenges."

DH Curation Guide:

Of particular interest in this collection:

The concept of collection from the user’s perspective

by H. L. Lee.

A framework for contextual information in digital collections

by Lee, C. A.

Thematic Research Collections

by Palmer, C. L.

A framework of guidance for building good digital collections

by NISO Framework Advisory Group

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