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Robin Good: Hascaster is an automatic Twitter hashtags news curation tool, capable of simplifying the process of managing a public page covering a specific hashtag and of giving dedicated tools to curate, highlight, measure and monetize the user-generated stream.

Key features include:

-> Manage & lead your hashtag community
-> Capture & curate tweets in real-time
-> Track your event & monetize your audience

From the official site: "Hashcaster is an advanced curation platform for Twitter that helps event organizers manage their hashtag community, capture valuable user generated content, measure and monetize their audience.


Referred to as a "Hashcast", the platform curates in real-time photos, videos and stories from the event's hash tag community as it trends on Twitter. It then pushes this content to an event branded web site."


"The Hashcaster platform determines "who and what" is most important to the hash tag community; making highly valued content more visible and helping the community connect with top influencers."


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P.S.: The only question is: how does one get an account on Hascaster. The site seems not to provide any info on this. Can anyone help?