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Rescooped by Robin Good from Collaborative Content-Curation: new Forms of Reading & Writing #curation #journalism #education #e-learning
September 13, 2012 4:56 AM!

A Mix of Algorithms and Human Curators Is The Solution To Content Curation Scalability Issue

A Mix of Algorithms and Human Curators Is The Solution To Content Curation Scalability Issue | Content Curation World |

Guillame DeCugis: "This is a very interesting piece by Erin Griffith (again!) on the potential scalability issues of content curation. You can pass quickly on her first part where she easily bashes the usual concerns about the curation word being overhyped and over used.

She makes a really good point on her second part, building on the experience of Behance, the platform to publish one's creative work: using a mix of algorithms and human curation is a part of the answer to this scale issue. 

But another way to scale curation is to add a topic-centric layer. In the problem she describes (which is typically Behance's problem), scaling up is tough because curation is being applied to sort out the best content on a unique dimension: a home page that's the same for everyone.

"Behance’s front page could no longer display what algorithms determined was the most popular art within [the] site’s community. Because of boobs. They are universally the most popular thing on the Web, and not even a tasteful, creative site like Behance is safe when the “wisdom of the crowd” is involved.

To be clear — boobs are welcome on Behance, but the site skews toward commercially viable work. A porn pit may entice creative directors but not in the way Behance wants to entice them." she funnily writes.

If you added topics to that, you can solve the problem by having people follow whichever topics they want.

And I'm not talking about the usual 10-20 categories you find on any content sites. I'm talking about long-tail, user-created topics that any user can opt in to follow or unfollow. Boobs fans can then follow dozens of Boobs topics curated by other fellow users without having to pollute the experience for everyone else.

By mixing a topic-centric model with curation, you apply it to as many dimensions as your users will decide to curate. That's the model we've been using at and so far, it scales pretty well, doesn't it?"

Robin Good: For the record you may want to check this video of Gabe Rivera from Techmeme at LeWeb 2008 already discussing this issue and arriving at the same conclusions: there's no way to build a perfect news or aggregation engine. The best solution is indeed a mix of aggregation and filtering tools matched by a topic-expert curator.

Via Guillaume Decugis, Heiko Idensen
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Scooped by Robin Good
July 12, 2012 11:21 AM!

Social News Discovery: Pinterest Meets Flipboard - ROCKZi by Blekko

Social News Discovery: Pinterest Meets Flipboard - ROCKZi by Blekko | Content Curation World |

Robin Good: ROCKZi is a new social news discovery and sharing service launched by the human curated search engine Blekko.

The service intelligently leverages the great work done by its own human curators to generate a thematic news board that is an hybrid between the experience of Pinterest and the one of Flipboard.

From GigaOM: "...taking a cue from from other popular curation sites, ROCKzi was built to bring curation to a wider set of users through low-touch, passive curation tools.

The site surfaces fresh content from news sources curated by power blekko users and displays articles in topic-specific, searchable “news boards,” from “Geekery” and “Glitterati” to “SportZ” and “Red State.”

As of now, there are 33 boards but, over the next few weeks and months, it plans to expand to hundreds and then thousands more."


N.B.: Not only you can browse and discover news through the existing boards, but if you scroll below them, you will find a search box that allows you to dive and find news on ANY topic you want.

More info: (here you can find the ROCKZi bookmarklet and the opportunity to suggest a new topic board)

Try it out now:

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