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Robin Good: Originally conceived as a home work and study help site, the new Hippocampus has officially redirected its focus to match its users most typical use: a content resource hub for teachers looking for relevant content to mix-in into their class curriculum or into their assignable homeworks.

There are two important features available for registered users.

a) You can "customize" the Hippocampus site by picking which content materials to keep and which  to exclude and create basically a personalized version of it for your own class / use.

b) You can create custom playlists of learnig content to produce course materials or work assignments.

Subjects already covered on the site include math, natural sciences, social sciences, humanities and offer a selection of video presentations, worked examples, interactive simulations, and test preps.

From the official site:

-> MIX your own media Playlists using content from any collection

-> TRACK what media is "trending" this week for your subject area

-> FIND what media is rated highest by other HippoCampus users

-> SHARE your curated HippoCampus playlist and selections with your students and colleagues

Available collections include content from the Khan Academy, NROC, PhET and NORA.

Free to use.

User's Guide:

Introductory webinar:

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