Robin Good: Zinetral is a new human-curated digital magazine that provides the best and most interesting stories from across the web on a number of specific topics.

Zinetral claims to use "real people" with "real passions" and "not algorithms to source, sift through and curate the best content out there."

From the official site: "...we employ subject matter experts as editors to facilitate the sourcing of and curate content from Blogs, Videos, Images, Photos , Infographics, Articles, Communities and a variety of sites from all corners of the world and create a quality, engaging magazine digest for reading on Smartphones and Tablets."

The Magazines will be available for reading online and offline on iOS, Android and ther devices.

ZineTral wants to become the go-to place on a range of subjects which will include Parenting, Food, Fashion, Technology, Politics and Sport, along with international and foreign language editions.

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