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Robin Good: If you are looking for a content curation, mindmapping and presentation tool rolled into one, I strongly suggest you give a good road test to Mindomo.

I have been a passionate fan of mindmaps since 2007, and have created tons of them to curate my many collection of "best tools" in specific niches or learning maps on dedicated topics. You can see some of them here:

But with time, and the increased size of my collections, I have been searching for valid alternatives which provided greater speed, better ways to display and view the mapped info and more options to extract value from my collections.

Mindomo, which I have been heavy-testing for the last six-months, is my new reference tool not just for mindmapping but for a) curating large collections of information into a navigable cohesive whole, b) creating prezi-like presentations without needing to become an engineer.

Specifically, Mindomo integrates lots of unique and very valuable features to the basic mindmapping toolset, including:

- Capture content via browser bookmarklet

- Navigate and zoom in-out easily

- Search and embed video clips
- Search and embed images

- Search and embed audio clips

- Automatically credit all media sources utilized

- Customize look of maps in many ways

- Create presentations from your mindmaps

- Import and export to different formats + embed

- Works and syncs on iPad and Android

- Collaborative editing

- Cross-platform offline desktop app

- Custom URLs for your mindmaps

- just to name a few.

Here's a good example of what I have been able to "curate" with Mindomo:


a very large collection of content curation tools


a navigable "presentation-map"

MindMeister and other mindmapping tools still provide good value, but in my humble opinion Mindomo, with its own limits and idiosyncracies, has earned my trust as being the most effective, powerful and feature-rich visual curation tool.

Give it a try and let me know what you think.

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