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Robin Good: Pivotshare is a web platform which allows you to create a branded web site where you can curate, promote and sell your best digital media video and audio files. 

The service accepts .mp4, .mov, swf, .flv, .avi and .mp3 files for upload and it lets you set the price and the business model (subscription or pay-per-view or a combination of both) that you want to use.

On Pivotshare you can brand your channel with your logo and customize its look and feel, and you can also "bookmark" specific "spots" inside your audio and video content.

Content on PIvotshare is accessible by both desktop computers as well by smartphone and tablet devices and it has the ability to memorize, for the user, where a sesson is left, so that it can be picked up next time he logs in.

You can set up some of your content to be free and some of it to be accessible only by paying for it. Each channel can be fueled by more than a contributor and you are free to decide who will team up with you.

There are two delivery formats available to curate and organize your key assets: a) the Showcase (ideal for ten items or less) and b) the Library (for collections of 50 or more items).

Revenue-wise Pivotshare takes 30% from a Channel’s revenue, and passes the rest to the Editor and Contributors of that Channel.

To use the service there is no upfront cost.

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