Robin Good: Zeeik is a new web-based video curation site with a unique slant and some very innovative ideas.

Its key features provide some very stimulating ideas on how in the future you may go about curating, navigating and collecting video to create a guide or make sense of a specific topic.

1) Collaborative Curation

First of all, Zeeik is designed in a way that puts the topic of curation at the center, while allowing multiple users to contribute, search, find and select which video clips would be most appropriate for it.

"Users collaboratively make zeeiks in request-and-replay manner." Zeeiks are also similar to what a video wiki would probably be like, as they allow multiple editors to contribute and shape the final content.

2) Topic and Level Navigation

Second, Zeeik introduces (thank you guys for showing curation startups where is the next gear) a rudimental but still highly effective navigational gizmo, allowing any topic to be easily segmented into many sub-topics and levels. This new visual navigation addition is of the essence in providing a feature that expands the potential of curated content of orders of magnitude. A navigational tool that allows you to intuitively navigate from topic to topic and from high-level view to a very detailed one is exactly what I would like to see show-up across the board of content curation tools in the near future.  

3) Search, Collect and Excerpt Video Content

Third, Zeeik makes easy and effective to search video content on any topic, to tap into your video assets rapidly and to trim and excerpt specific sections from any video you decide to include. 

These ingredients by themselves make Zeeik a truly innovative content curation tool, and while its interface and usability may leave a lot to be desired, I think it deserves high praise for finally breaking new ground. 

Zeeiks can be easily linked or embedded into any web site or blog and can be used to create catalogues, guides, tutorials, textbooks, music album, or just about anything that is video-based.

Sample Zeeik: 

More info and sign-up: