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Robin Good: one of the early players in the news aggregation, discovery and auto-curation space has been significantly improving its service which now offers also a $9/month Pro version. allows you to set a number of search queries on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube and to import specific RSS feeds to "aggregate" the most relevant on a certain topic or theme.

You as a curator can "preview" your yet-to-be-published news magazine and can manually pick and decide which "stories" to publish and which ones to drop by simply hovering your mouse on anyone of them.

"Editions" can be auto-scheduled and can automatically announce on Twitter and via email to your subscribers when a new one is out.

PRO users get to have the last word before any edition gets published, by way of a "preview before promotion" feature that lets you control when notifications go out and gives you time to make changes, can add promotional banners, standard ads or other marketing materials in a set of predefined hot spots on their news page, and can "brand" their magazine with their own banner, background image and personalized colors.

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