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Excerpted from a post for the Altimeter Group by Researcher Jaimy Szymanski. 


 "A) Motivations Behind Content Curation and Sharing:


1) Motivations behind curation are positive: to share a good experience, to help consumer pick out good product and to encourage company improvement.


2) Millennials share content focused on “self.” As generations get older, secondary motivation shifts to a bigger picture though, to helping consumers. Add to that the fact that many have grown up recognizing technology as a platform for both utility and self-expression or promotion.


3) Fostering expertise is among lowest motivations. I predict that curated content will increasingly be more accepted as “original” content over time, as long as it contains some unique insight or alteration.



B) Where Curation Opportunities Lie:


Curation will prove to be a very positive trend for marketers who are looking to affect their audience via way of content marketing.


It’s quite possible that content curators will also begin to be recognized as influencers in their respective industries, and organizations will treat them as such.





1) The amount of content curated will rise and fall in cycles, as shared content depends on original content creation to survive.


2) Organizations will weave curation into their content strategies, at the very least to ensure sharing of their content is as simple as possible for consumers.


3) Application development – both web-based and mobile – will continue to support the curation trend."


Robin Good: Many confirmations of what we already know, plus a few insightful glimpses in what for now is only a feeling but may become reality very soon.


Truthful. 7/10


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