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What a Content Curator Needs To Know: How, Tools, Issues and Strategy
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Recognizing Curation Intent: Marketing, Sense-Making or Personal Expression

Recognizing Curation Intent: Marketing, Sense-Making or Personal Expression | Content Curation World |

Robin Good: Short post but very relevant points to start looking at. @chopemurray at Opencollaborarchy is the first individual I see catching the different shades of curation "intent" that are characterizing the "surge" of content curation initiatives, projects and tools all around us.

From the original post: "However the evolution of digital curation is experiencing some fragmentation. Not that this is bad, but it does suggest the differences should be understood as curation tools will differ in features and capabilities as each tries to satisfy its target customer base.

So far I have identified 3 major distinctions in [what is "sold" today as] curation:

a) Content Distribution

Marketing Content: comes in several forms as marketeers move away from landing pages on Facebook and web sites, and seek to amplify brand presence through curated content.

b) Sense-making - Topic-focused 

Information (or Knowledge Content): More focused on collecting and condensing information to support a topic or subject. Most commonly a reference site usually set up for either internal or external collaboration

c) Personal Expression

Curating Personal Content – less dependent on content management features and capabilites: can either be used for amplification (self-branding) or condensing (information)."

Rightful. Calls for deeper analysis. 8/10

P.S.: I invite you also to contribute to the poll provided at the end of the post. Notwithstanding that the poll will reflect only the opinions of those answering it, I'd very much like those few investing in curation as a sense-making activity to make their voices heard.

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Curation: A View from the Future - Ross Dawson

Robin Good: I have recently caught futurist Ross Dawson in transit through Rome, and thanks to his generous kindness, I have been able to ask him a few questions on curation and to record them in video.

What is curation? Does it really help or is it adding more noise to the soundwave of information already coming at us?

Where do you draw the line between social sharing, personal expression and true curation?

How do you recognize curation from personal sharing ?

These essentially my questions, and here in video, his spontaneous, unreharsed answers to them.

Full interview: 

Video playlist: 

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