How Worthless Stuff on eBay Becomes Art and the Collector-Curator Becomes an Artist | Content Curation World |

Robin Good: If you seriously and systematically curate a topic, your work may be soon considered as good as collector's art, not because of the individual value of each piece you include, but thanks to your ability to orchestrate a strong and consistent "theme".

In this article inspired by the Three Graces photographic collection who was recently bought by New York collector Peter J. Cohen, Deanna Alshad writes how much she likes Stephanie Terelak as she captures the essence of this photograph collection: "The lines of collector, curator, and artist are blurred in this case.

Individually, these photographs are worth very little, probably a few dollars on ebay I would guess.

But amassed, sorted, and curated in large specific groups, seemingly worthless stuff on ebay becomes art and the collector becomes artist, selecting each piece to belong to a greater whole that our best museums’ curators deemed worthy of their walls."

And then she adds: "This can nearly be said of any collection. Collections are works of art, like collages or mixed media projects — or bonsai trees.

Often continuously in process, collections are nearly alive with the story narrated by each individual collector’s act of collecting.

Each curates — feeds and prunes — for meaning and growth as well as with an artistic eye, to tell stories with objects."

Inspiring. Rightful. 8/10

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