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Robin Good: Lee Odden shares some good advice for web publishers interested in utilizing more effective and innovative content "formats" to create more value, and to generate more attention and visibility.

One key curation strategy on this front is the one of creating curated lists of tools, people or resources in a very specific field. It works well because it "calls out" to all those who are active in that area, it alerts those not cited to do something about it and it provides an immediately useful resources for the interested reader.

Here is what he writes about it: "There's something about seeing a sorted collection of useful information that motivates people to read and socially share.

Being included in a well-sourced, thoughtfully-written, and well-designed list can evoke a strong emotion in people. Many will feel acknowledged and that feeling will motivate social sharing. Others might feel excluded, but that can also inspire sharing and discussion.

Like them or not, credible, sorted lists and collections of resources are powerful content and social media marketing tools.

Unfortunately, many marketers are overusing the same old tactics resulting in aggravating a community, or worse, simply being ignored.

To avoid the #fail of being ignored or the ire of temperamental bloggers, here are two tips on what you as an individual or a company can do to tap into the social media power of lists and collections."

Some of Lee Odden's best suggestions include: 

a) Think about different formats including text, image, video, audio, or something interactive.

b)  What search keywords and social topics represent interests, needs, and goals of the influencers and end customers that you'd like to connect with? Pick a topic and stick to it.

c) As you understand your community, what are the unmet needs in information that you could satisfy?

d) What unrecognized individuals or companies with powerful networks could be resources for, or included in the list?

e) If you're smart about sourcing and making the collection promotable, then don't just do it once. Plan on making the list annually, quarterly, or monthly.

Helpful. 7/10.

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