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How Crowdsourced Curation Helps Sellers and Buyers Find Their Perfect Match Faster

How Crowdsourced Curation Helps Sellers and Buyers Find Their Perfect Match Faster | Content Curation World |
Robin Good's insight:

Here is a great example of how the spontaneous content curation efforts by individual users of a marketplace can provide significant benefits both to the marketplace sellers as well to all buyers.

On ThemeForest, which is one of the largest and best catalogues of web site themes and designs, you can find an endless number of curated collections of templates, image sets, presentation decks and others resources (like video footage or soundtracks) for publishing quality content on the web. In fact, there are so many of them that the main problem for whoever goes to shop there, is the time needed to search and find what may best fit his needs.

But thanks to a community feature called "collections", any registered user can collect and organize individual themes found on ThemeForest into individual collections which can be shared with everyone publicly (or kept private).

Here some great examples: 

The ensuing benefit for the users of the marketplace is the ability to find more rapidly valuable items within the ocean of options available.

As a consequence also whoever runs Themeforest benefits from more sales and less time spent by new buyers in finding what they are looking for.

But there's more.

Since ThemeForest is part of a larger network of design resources that includes video assets (VideoHive), graphic resources (Graphic River), design apps (CodeCanyon) and several others, the collections can and do often include assets coming from the other sites of the network facilitating serendpitous discovery for buyers of other useful products.

Finally, individual merchants selling on the Envato network can curate their own collections showcasing their best work according to specific uses and applications.

A great example of how curation can significantly help online sales in situations where there is a very large number of products or services on sale.

Check it out now: 

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Curate Your Favorite Products Into Shareable Sets with Amazon Collections

Curate Your Favorite Products Into Shareable Sets with Amazon Collections | Content Curation World |

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Robin Good's insight:

Amazon has made available to everyone a new Pinterest-like facility that allows you to easily collect and organize into separate sets, Amazon product items that you are interested into or want to recommend to others.

To add a product to anyone of your Amazon collections you only need to click on the "+ Add to Collection" button that appears below the product on the left side of any Amazon page. (See the button at the bottom of this Amazon page screenshot here: - not all products pages sport yet this button as this is a new feature).

A dedicated bookmarklet is also available which makes it a breeze to also add products that do not sport yet the "+ Add to Collection" button. Collected items and collections can be easily shared on Facebook and Twitter or via email.

Like on Pinterest, Amazon Collections allows you to comment any of the items you post, to follow other "collectors" (not individual boards), to like items and to repost any them into another collection. You can decide whether a collection is public or private and you can also easily rename or delete any collection created.

My comments: Excellent and long due upgraded version of the Wish List (which remains available and also allows creation of product lists)

No ability to embed collections elsewehere. No ability to re-arrange items in a collection. Fresh out of the gate, this feature may provide lots of economic benefits and insight to Amazon and a more effective way for users to find relevant and related products via their trusted curators and guides.

Key differences with Wish Lists: Visual layout and social features are the key differentiators. The display of Collections is very much like a Pinterest like collection while a Wish List offers a vertical linear list mode or a text-only compact alterative. In addition, Amazon Collections allow for the collector to provide a comment / description to any product listed, to like and report other collectors' items, and to easily share these on FB and Twitter.

Free to use.

See what others are collecting here:

Find out more:

A set of sample collections I have created: 

*I've added Amazon Collections to the section "Product Curation Tools" inside the Content Curation Tools Supermap.

Robin Good's comment, August 8, 2013 7:29 AM
Ecco il link Giuseppe:
Robin Good's comment, August 8, 2013 7:30 AM ha cambiato oggi il colore dei link. Penso dipenda da quello.
Giuseppe Lunardi's comment, August 8, 2013 12:59 PM
Grazie Robin, gentilissimo.
Scooped by Robin Good!

Curate Product Collections From Any Online Shop with the Amazon Wish List

Curate Product Collections From Any Online Shop with the Amazon Wish List | Content Curation World |
Robin Good's insight:

The Amazon Wish List system allows you to create collections of any kind of products which can be collected from any online shop and to have them  published on Amazon.

Using the Amazon Wish List system you can create easily lists of any kind of products that can be easily consulted, sorted, and shared with others.

The Amazon Wish List offers a dedicated extension for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and for your IPad. Alternatively a standard bookmarklet is also available.

My comment: An excellent alternative and complement to Amazon Collections which allows not just to organize and publish lists of Amazon products, but it extends this ability to any online shop. Wherever you are you can clip and collect any product into an Amazon Wish List. Ideally Amazon Collections and Wish Lists should be one thing and the best features of each merged into one facility.

Wish Lists are less appealing visually but offer the opportunity to be viewed as compact lists (handy for large ones), to be sorted and filtered in a numbered of ways and to be printed. Something you cannot do with Amazon Collections.

Free to use.

Find out more:

Here is a sample wish list of Portable Wireless Microphones I have recently created:

Urs Frei's curator insight, August 10, 2013 3:26 AM

Amazon-Wunschliste mit portablem Audio-Equipment für Video-Interviews.