Human-Curated Search and Data-Driven Comparisons: FindTheBest | Content Curation World |

Robin Good: FindTheBest is a good example of an emerging wave of alternatives search engines, not based exclusively on algorithms but also on curated human selection and review. 

" is a hybrid search engine — a combination of data-sifting algorithms and human curators.

The humans define the categories, design how information is presented and determine what ingredients of comparison — or attributes — are most meaningful to users."

(Source: NYTimes Blogs)

FindTheBest specializes in bringing together data-driven comparisons of products and services ranging from web conferencig tools to colleges, law schools, cars or jet skis, created by collecting this information not only from public databases, manufacturer websites and expert sources, including individual contributors, by manually reviewing and checking all content before publishing it.

My comment: the more the "curation" of this comparison data will be "endorsed" by true reputable, industry-independent experts, willing to place their face and name on them, the more value this type of resource will gain. And this synergy could prove to be beneficial to both parties involved.

Try it out: