eBay Goes The Pinterest Way and Allows You To Discover and Curate Your Favorite Products | Content Curation World | Scoop.it

Robin Good: eBay has gone the Pinterest way by redesigning its web interface and allowing you to curate your preferred product categories as well as more specific parameters like the price range you are interested in, whether you want new or used items or prefer auctions to "buy-now" offerings. 

"Everything now centers on a Pinterest-like feed of featured, personalized, and self-curated products."

WebProNews reports: eBay says that the feed will show users “a collection of items selected for you, based on your shopping history or your own personal interests.” When a logged-in user first accesses the feed, they are given the opportunity to “follow” certain types of product lines as well as connect their feed to their Facebook interests.

eBay officially announced: “Today we begin to introduce a series of significant new features and enhancements for our customers. We’re delivering a cleaner, contemporary look and feel; a more intuitive, convenient way to browse, decide and buy – both globally and locally; and a new personal way to curate your own shopping experience and discover items perfect for you...” 

To test the new eBay curated feed, interface redesign and new logo, head to eBay.com (US version) and you will be immediately offered to select five product categories you are interested in.

The new eBay also allows users to integrate their Facebook account as well as their PayPal one to make it easier and faster to sell and buy on the popular online marketplace.

Check it out now: http://www.ebay.com/feed