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What a Content Curator Needs To Know: How, Tools, Issues and Strategy
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Scooped by Robin Good
June 17, 2012 1:32 PM!

Curation for E-Commerce Creates a More Compelling User Experience: Examples at Work

Curation for E-Commerce Creates a More Compelling User Experience: Examples at Work | Content Curation World |

Robin Good: If you want to see how some commercial brands, which sell physical products online, utilize curation to make the user experience more compelling, Dror Liwer, has a good article on this topic.

He writes: "Much like a museum curator carefully selects appropriate pieces and meticulously arranges them in such a way for the audience to understand and appreciate them, the e-tailer of the future must curate its collection and offer it to audiences in an intelligent way that makes sense to their consumer.

While this notion of curation may sound expensive, I firmly believe shoppers are willing to pay a premium for this added service."

Informative.  7/10

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intentree's comment, January 21, 2013 7:06 AM
Well we believe the same. For any ecommerce to engage with the audience better, it should have a dedicated community, content and commerce along with advanced "curation" techniques that will optimize the website as per the user's needs. Optimization techniques will play the crucial role in setting one's website at par with others. We at intentree know it better. visit
Scooped by Robin Good
April 23, 2012 9:07 AM!

From Push to Pull Marketing via Content Curation

From Push to Pull Marketing via Content Curation | Content Curation World |

Robin Good: Cory O'Brien writes on his blog: "...Over time, as trust shifted and consumers were more willing to look outside of the traditional sources for new content, additional verticals started to adapt to this trend, including ad networks and daily deal sites.

... [here] I’ll give a few examples of daily deals sites that have harnessed the power of content curation."

And then he presents three online services that are making the best of content curation for marketing products.

From the article conclusions: "By becoming the source of curated content, brands can shift some of their energy from push to pull marketing.

Instead of constantly pushing out messages through banners spread far and wide, they can pull in their desired audience by sharing content those customers will enjoy, and then retain those customers for long-term interaction with the brand.

This gives the brand additional opportunities to develop a deeper relationship with their customers without additional media spend, and puts the focus on a channel that they have much more control over.

Curating content that customers will enjoy does take time, and you can’t be everywhere at once, so brands need to choose channels wisely, but for those that have the personality and the resources it takes, content curation can be a great way to attract and retain an audience that will trust the brand for more than just a one time sale."

Insightful. 7/10

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