Robin Good: Great advice for curators of all kinds from Henry Lowood, curator of the history of science and technology/ film and media at Stanford University libraries.

In this video 14'-minute long interview by Howard Rheingold, besides some interesting digression on curation as intended inside large "collecting" institutions, there is also some super-valuable and down-to-earth advice for the typical content curators out there.

Here my key takeaways [my own words]:

"Sometimes things are not what they seems to be.

Avoid terrible mistakes by going beyond the surface and thinking "like a detective". 

If you include in a collection things that may not seem what they look to be, because you have not explored them enough, you run a big risk of losing your reputation as a "trusted" curator for that topic. 

Those who are "experts" in that field, will easily spot those inconsistencies as they pay great attention to such details. 

It's therefore important to "slow down", and to look in depth at the context of the item you are "curating". 

Don't just post content because you have spotted content which has relevant "keywords" in it or the title makes it look enticing.

Go and look well and make sure it really is what you think it is."  

Must watch (especially from 12':25"on): 

(Spotted by Beth Kanter)