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From the official page: "extraMUROS is an open-source HTML5 infrastructure built on public APIs that aims to fundamentally change the way people discover, curate and share digital collections of books, images, sounds, video and other media.

extraMUROS is a unique collaboration between the metaLAB (at) Harvard, Frances Loeb Library, the Harvard Library Lab and a network of journalists, designers and developers."

From the official video:

"extraMUROS is a groundbreaking project that aims to shape the Digital Library of America into a multimedia library without walls through an open-source HTML5 platform built on public APIs.

Extramuros strives to fundamentally transform how people:

a) Discover

b) Curate 

c) Share digital collections.

Extramuros is made up of four key features:

1) Shared Access

Interconnectedness between libraries, museums,  and national archives and repositories (Flickr, YouTube, Internet Archive, tec.) of all kinds.

2) Visual Discovery
Ability to explore content collections in completely new ways driven by innovative visualization approaches. 

3) Curation

A collaborative curation system open to anyone to bring together collections, exhibitions or galleries combining text, images, audio and video.

4) Multi-Channeling

Accessibility online and on iPads and other mobile devices."

Robin Good: This looks like a very promising project, which brings together and pioners some really innovative approaches in search and discovery of content. 

As can be seen in the video, a Chrome extension has already been developed, helping active curator to easily collect content in a variety of formats and from very different kind of sources, into browsable collections.

Inspiring. 8/10

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(Transcription by Robin Good)