Reduced, Relevant and Reliable: Three Characterizing Traits of Great Curation | Content Curation World |

Robin Good: Jim Love, writes on his blog "Change the Game", a long article about curation and its reason d'etre.

Interesting thoughts overall, but the most valuable part, is in a few paragraphs, that distill clearly three important characterizing traits for quality curation.

Here is the part that caught my attention:

"Curation is a a filter.

An intelligent agent goes through the volume and the clutter and brings us a distilled version, reduced to it’s essence.

Great curation does three things. I call them the “3 Rs” - short for reduced, relevant and reliable.

Curation reduces the volume information from a particular domain to make it more manageable. It distills things to their essence.

It ensures that the information is relevant. Does it fit our interests and our needs? This is more difficult than it seems. Especially where the topic is new or unfamiliar we don’t always know what is valuable or how to describe it. It can also be intensely personal. We all have slightly different levels of need and the nuances of those needs are sometimes subtle.

Lastly, information must be reliable. Accuracy is critical and in the current world, difficult to establish. Is the story correct? Is the source reliable?

Rightful. 8/10

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