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Robin Good: You may not like this site, its focus (on real estate) or its writing style, but to me Drew Meyers does hit the nail right on the head, in introducing and explaining content curation, to a likely audience of real-estate agents.

He writes: "At the end of the day, the most important thing to remember about curation is that it’s not about you.

...It is about delivering GREAT content consistently over and extended period of time.

Curation is about building long term credibility, establishing real relationships, and earning your place as your audience’s go-to source for anything related to real estate."

And that is indeed a great synthesis of what curation really is. But he adds more to make sure you are 100% with us and he excels at doing so:

"FACT n.1) Everyone is now a publisher.

FACT n.2) Many SUCK at creating quality content.

FACT n.3) There is too much, for lack of a better word, shit on the web as a result.

FACT n.4): I don’t have time to filter through the shit myself and find the valuable/ insightful/interesting content.

FACT n.5): I value people who curate content in very specific niches for me.

FACT n.6): The people that curate content in areas I’m interested in earn my trust over time, and are much more likely to earn my business if I need goods/services they provide."

Bravo Drew. 

Good read. 8/10

Full article: http://www.geekestateblog.com/curation-for-real-estate/ 

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