Robin Good: StreamHub is a new web app which allows you to create social community web sites around any topic, and to bring them to life by being able to curate social media content coming from Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. 

What makes StreamHub unique, is its ability to show new content and comments in real-time, and to filter incoming relevant content from selected social channels to match specific criteria before being published. Auto-curation at work?  

From Techcrunch: "There are two big pieces to the new system. First, there’s the Core product, which allows publishers and brands to engage their audience directly.

The tools to make that happen include Livefyre’s commenting system, as well as liveblogging, live chats, and custom apps.

All of the Core services are linked by the ability for publishers and readers to have conversations in real-time.


The second major StreamHub product is Curate, which allows companies to add live content from elsewhere on the social web to their sites.

So you could embed a live stream of tweets to a web page, and you could also set up a number of rules around the stream — if you only want photos, or if you only want tweets from within a certain geographic area.

So for example, a sports site could use Curate to create a stream of photos shared by fans that are coming from a specific game."


N.B.: No open trial available.

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